Thursday, October 16, 2008

The USO Girls Say.......

Anything for Our Number 1 Crush!
Posted by Caroline
Concrete Bob emailed and asked that I spread the word on the projects that he is working on. If you would like to support soldiers currently deployed to Afghanistan he has outlined their specific requests on this blog and made it easy on you by giving you product numbers and links to the websites you can order these products from. He is also once again offering quarts of his world famous BBQ sauce for 20 bucks each which can also be ordered from that site. Just in case you're wondering about the BBQ sauce, Chris Cook over at Modern Conservative says: [Concrete Bob's] BBQ sauce is a healing elixir of joy and goodness.

I'm sure it's delicious, we'll have to trust him on it for now until we get a chance to taste it!

Good job girls!

Princess Crabby sincerely appreciates all assistance you can render to such a valued member of My Staff.

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