Thursday, October 30, 2008

OK, It's Steroid Day....

....and I am running on empty. I tried to listen to a lecture through WGBH and the Cambridge Forum. It was given by Frances Moore Lappe: Getting a Grip on Democracy but I couldn't concentrate. (drugs.brain.eating.) I'll get to it. I miss going to lectures. But I don't have the energy to haul my steroid puffed ass there. Plus if I did, how embarrassing would it be to fall asleep??

I have a lot of stuff to blog.

I want to explain more about why you should vote with me for -

John McCain for Commander in Chief.....and that's really the important part.

Jeff Beatty for the US Senate from Massachusetts

Ed O'Connell for Plymouth County Treasurer (Massachusetts)

Bill Russell for Congress for Pennsylvania's 12th District (Boot Murtha!!!)

Joel Dykstra for Senator from South Dakota (I already have one post up about him)

Tom McClintock for Congress from California's 4th district (this post is actually almost done, lol, thank Heaven!)

Steve Stivers for Congress from Ohio's 15th district.

Marion Thorpe for Congress from Florida's 23rd district.

And the Massachusetts ballot questions - Argghhh!!!!! Yes on Question 1. Don't fall for the game. Don't be diverted by the red herrings. Don't let the opponents win with the race card. That's right, I said it. They are trying. I am not a mean white person trying to take things away from poor black people.....and I won't let asshats like Jimmy Myers tell you that's what's going on like he did last Sunday on his radio show.

And a post about what part of the budget goes to defense in this country because when it comes to figures and percentages, wires get crossed.

I haven't even finished writing about my great adventure at the Constitution Museum.

I haven't written anything of significance about the DoD teleconference with CAPT Frank Ponds. But I did show Pat, my co-worker his pic and she says he is handsome.

And the fact that I am crazy and the Revlimid people are taking good care of me. I was wrong here and need to correct it. I need to update and link all the posts so someone casually surfing the web for info on Revlimid doesn't come here to this crazy place and think that Celgene messed up. They didn't.

But instead, I am slow and tired and using the O2 and sucking down Tylenol and experiencing random crying jags (which is fine for now, no one can see me and crying doesn't actually hurt).

I should have gone alone to the doctor yesterday and asked if I could delay going back on Revlimid for one week.....until after the election. But Jennifer was there and I would have been bagged.

Anyway, the next post I am going to write is going to be about DDG 1001. A TinCan for a hero. It's the most important thing on my to-do list. It tops my Bad Boyfriend, but I know in my heart he would understand. I have a bunch of links and some thoughts. I could be lazy and just send you to Galrahn for this too,(you're right, this *is* how to name a warship!) but it is too close to me. After all, I am a Navy girl.

If I have made any linking or grammar errors here.........effff off! LOL, my chemo cocktail is eating away at my brain. Have I mentioned mood swings?

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elle said...

Oh Lordie ... maybe you need to have one of your sisters go with you into the voting booth. I don't want a tremor to make you hit the 'Obama' button!
I read your posts about the meds and how they affect you and it makes my head hurt. It sucks, huh? Cry, lash-out, do whatever you need to do. Don't begrudge yourself a moment of venting—let it all out. I appreciate the updates; as hard as it is to sometimes read, I think it's important to try and understand. When our son had cancer, who knows how he felt, he was two. At least you can deliver the goods in comprehensible, foul-laced language and I thank you!