Friday, October 31, 2008

The Day Got.....BETTER!

Ok, the tremor settled down.

There was some crying and some flushing, but everyone is used to it now and no one comments.

But even better, I came into the office beefing about the dryer..........and both Pat and Nicole got all excited. They each have a spare electric dryer. Imagine that! So now I have my pick. Nicole is talking to her husband about when they can get it to me......if it will be a while, I will go with Pat's. Nic's a little newer, so it's first choice.

I guess somebody up there heard me say I couldn't take anymore, lol.

Pat and Nic had errands to run outside the office which meant after I explained I was broke and would have PB&J at my desk for lunch.....I ended up with a burger, fries, a Coke and an ice cream. Pat & Nic had a good laugh about having the same idea.
Then Rachael decorated my back window for McCain. You know if I wasn't such a procrastinator..........I would have had tons of stuff. After all, during the primary Massachusetts was hotly contested Romney territory. I'm thinking they would have paid *me* to put up lawn signs and bumper stickers. But no.....I didn't. Now I am in backburner city. Well, we all know Princess Crabby doesn't have $35 to pay for Rachael to the rescue.

With the tremor I knew I couldn't be the one to write on my rear windshield. If I wrote it people would be asking why I was supporting Adlai Stevenson!

Here's my vid

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Stella said...

OMG, that was you talking! Always so strange hearing someone who has been words on a computer.

If you're happy, I'm happy. It's beautifully done: Rachel did a phenomenal job. So did you.