Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Feel Great!

No headache. Slept as long as I wanted and well. Good breakfast.

I forgot what this was like, lol.

However, I am still poor. The lottery gods didn't see the humor in "32".

So I will put my shoulder to the wheel and use this good day for getting in a solid day at work.

Tomorrow will be a family day. Birthdays to be celebrated and the "Head of the Charles" to see our favorite coxswain.

SB and I were bemoaning out procrastination this morning. The only way to get a McCain sign in Massachusetts is to buy one online for $35. LOL, you know I have this one lonely dollar between now and my next paycheck. What kills me is that back in the beginning of primary season, the McCain campaign would have paid me to put a sign in my backyard (Romney territory). After all, I am not jumping on this bandwagon late in the game, I have loved my Bad Boyfriend since time out of mind. But I never got around to it.

I bought some car window paint. You know the stuff kids write "Class of 2009" on their back windshields with. I am going to paint the windows of my house and car. Well, to be truthful, I am going to get some of Frankie's friends to help me, since between the tremor, the meds exacerbating the tremor and being left handed.....nothing I draw would amount to anything.

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