Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama's Vision

Here's my problem. Vision is good. You need an overarching strategy. But you also need to have a solid plan.

Obama's answer is about "investing in America", ok, that's not specific.

Again, McCain advocates a spending freeze. He pre-empts Obama's hatchet remark and says "Yes, it's a hachet and then I'll bring out the scalpel."

Schieffer is asking McCain for specifics. He did not ask Obama for specifics. Surprise.

McCain's rolling with it. It's ok, he can give specifics. That doesn't throw him.

Obama is going to tell us history now.....and's crap. He is blaming Bush for the deficit because he came in on a surplus. Typical Democratic bullshit.


Stella said...

Nevertheless, it's it's not Democractic bullshit, but fact. Bush entered office with a strong economy. He destroyed it with an unnecessary war targeting the wrong country and rampant deregulation.

We have been in Iraq longer that WWII. If you want facts, read investigations from the House Oversight Committee about lost military spending while Bush cut veterans' benefits for six years in a row.

The Bush Administration is absolutely to blame for the mess we're in. There are always two sides to a story and both should always be presented.

BostonMaggie said...

A) The war did not bring down the economy. Our economy has it's problems because Americans borrow and don't save; because Wall Street is greedy; because politicians like Barney Frank can be purchased with jobs for friends and family and campaign contributions.

B) The war is not unnecessary. It extends the security of America and the Core countries (USA, EU, Japan, etc) and allows for the flow of workers, and natural resources out of the Gap into the Core. Read Barnett.

C)Iraq is not WWII. The landscape is different.

D) Bush could have done more, but he didn't set it in motion (Carter), and he didn't exacerbates (Clinton). But Bush's attempts to stop it were not enough.