Friday, October 31, 2008

Ok, I'm Done

*****UPDATE*****The day got better!****
The worst part is always the day I take the Dex and the Revlimid, but this is not hysteria.

It's resignation.

The car overheated in my commute home. Yeah, all three miles of it. A water pump? I don't know. I only know if it costs more than a buck eighty-nine, I can't afford it.

Then I came in the house and went directly to the dryer to move the laundry along. Dryer isn't working. It has it's own power source in the electrical box. I go and it looks ok, but I shut it off and on again anyway. No go. I would be surprised if it was one of my neighbors, lol. It was wicked loud. Totally on it's last legs.

It's not warm in the house, I have a broken casement window leading to the crawl space. I keep forgetting to tell Frankie to block with something until I can afford to have it fixed. So the floor is cold.

The tremor is so bad, typing this is torture.

It's 0224 and I am wide awake.....yes kids, I effed up on taking the Trazodone, again.

I am physically and emotionally fatigued. I am sinking like a fucking stone.


BillT said...


I hope the double-plus dosage works double-plus well *for* you to make up for what it's doing *to* you...

Boquisucio said...

It seems that among other things in your life, your Car became a vehicle for your Karma.

Oh God - Grant me patience. But please hurry!

Hang in there, Sis.

Barb said...

What Bill said. Sounds like the fricken Fates need a kick in the cojones.

BostonMaggie said...

Thank you all for the sympathy. But things got better. Steroids side effects are easing and I have my choice of TWO dryers!

Homefront Six said...

If you're ever up late like that again and need someone to vent to, call. (send me an email and I"ll give you my phone number). I'm 5 hours behind you and usually up late - ask Bill.