Friday, October 17, 2008

Slick Move Jackass!

Fox to change World Series time for Obama

LOL, way to go, Senator Obama! I hope many other voters are as pissed as my boys are.

The Obamassiah wants to run a 30 minute commercial on all the major channels October 29th. It will run from 2000 to 2030. This means delaying game 6 of the World Series to accomodate "The One".

Frankie and Bill are shaking their heads in disgust. LOL, but they are McCain voters anyway.

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BillT said...

Ooooooh, strategic error.

Obie's acting like he's already occupying the Oval Office and he's delivering the State of the Union Address.

*That* is vanity carried to an extreme...

Stella said...

No slicker than having a playoff during the last presidential debate. Another Fox and MLB strategic error. The game should have delayed to another night. The future of our nation takes precedent over a baseball game.

Seriously, this is not the first time a 30:00 minute political commercial aired. Bush and McCain also aired long politicoinfomericals. I

Perhaps Obama's move is less vanity than strategy. If McCain did the same, my position wouldn't change. I would support either candidate's decision to air a political commercial and delay a baseball game. I wish McCain would do the same and run his 30:00 commercial back-to-back with Obama.

Besides, Obama doeswalk on water, and I have proof.

And, Maggie, did Palin sneer at Obama? YOU BETCHA!!! Hi Bill.

BostonMaggie said...

I would also feel the same way if McCain pulled this. I wouldn't be happy. Baseball is a nice non-partisan thing in a season saturated with politics. Leave it alone.

I was laughing at the fact that it was labelled a "racist" sneer. That was ridiculous.

BillT said...

My point: the air is supersaturated with political ads -- and baseball games start late enough as it is.

*waving hiya to Stella*

Stella said...

Hiya Bill and Hiya Maggie. I hope you're both doing well.

I'm not a baseball fan, so I guess I really wouldn't care if either McCain or Obama preempted the World Series. However, despite my ignorance about the sport, I'm rooting for the Sox because I lived in Maine for two years.

Aw, leave Roseanne alone. She's a riot. I do think McCain did sneer at Obama during the first debate: he really didn't do well.

BTW, that picture that look like McCain is trying to grab Obama, you know... I think the negative hoopla was ridiculous. I think he was just mugging for the camera. I wish he'd let that wonderful sense of humor out more often. The Smith dinner had me in stitches.

Best to you both.