Friday, October 31, 2008

Political Compass

I got this in an email from a coworker's son. I did it a few years ago and my score was pretty consistent from what I remember.
Maggie's political compass
Economic Left/Right: 0.88Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -0.31


Stella said...

I took this test a few years ago, too: Left/Social Libertarian. The Reading List is fun: I got Michael Moore, George Orwell, Upton Sinclair, Gandhi, and Thomas Paine.

Like you're surprised... Oh, what a nice break from politics.

LT Nixon said...

Mwahaha, you're the ultimate swing voter. I've taken this test and I'm in a bit deeper in the libertarian/conservative quadrant. I'm proud to say I'm not in the same quadrant as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, but I think I'm in the same quadrant as Timothy McVeigh (d'oh!).

John of Argghhh! said...

I'm a right 1.5, libertarian 2.0.

Which is probably about right.

That said... it's hard to take these guys seriously when we get this tripe:

Socialists like Mahatma Gandhi and Robert Mugabe would occupy a less extreme leftist position.

Heh. Mugabe's a simple socialist, eh? Gad, he's a plutocrat thief, pure and simple, just because he uses the words and forms of socialism doesn't make him a socialist...

Stella said...

Socialists like Mahatma Gandhi and Robert Mugabe? No, of course, Mugabe's not a socialist. You are absolutely right. Comparing their governing styles are utter tripe.

Gandhi wanted freedom from England for India. His non-violent method of achieving that goal was clearly far left/social libertarian.

I must admit, the test nailed me.