Friday, October 17, 2008

More On The Bakken Shale

Related to this post, an update.

“The latest oil production numbers are out.
”In July Mountrail County became the top oil producing county in NorthDakota by producing 1,401,216 barrels of oil.
”Bowman County who has been the top oil producing county for a longtime produced 1,385,286 barrels in July.
”This has been an amazing ride on the Bakken Express. Prior to thefirst Bakken well in May 2006 Mountrail County was producing less than20,000 barrels per month.
”But wait, there is more:
”The preliminary August 2008 numbers are showing that Mountrail Countyproduced 1,548,705 barrels.
”Another record has been broken!!!”

This is from a discussion group at the Bakken Shale blog.

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