Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Watched Saving Private Ryan Again

I remember the day it was released in local theaters. It was a Friday. I went to the schools and signed Frankie and Tommy out of class so we could make the first show of the day.

I've never watched a movie where I cried less than five minutes into it. The boys were slightly alarmed. But soon they were so caught up in the movie, my tears were quickly forgotten.

Do you know there is a "Saving Private Ryan" online encyclopedia? SPROE

What strikes me now is how much more I *get*. Weapons, tactics, terms and the like. I had a lot to learn. After all, it was an Army movie and I am a Navy girl, lol.

I suppose some credit must go to the reading I have done in the intervening years.

But I think the biggest chunk of credit would go to Jennifer's BFF, SB and this guy.

SB, of course, is the premeire SWO of the United States Navy......but he is so extrordinary........and the Navy pushes all this "jointness"....so he just knows stuff. He explained "defilade" when we were reading stuff for the Vietnam elective (the one he cheated on....he was *in* Vietnam.....clearly an unfair advantage). I've heard it three times in the movie.

And the Armorer is the Master of the Castle of Argghhh!!!

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