Monday, October 20, 2008

Well.....That Was Crazy!

After my sleepless Saturday night, I dragged myself to my family and CCD obligations. My class is on the chapter about Angels. Some years this is a subject where I have a hard time keeping them on track, but this year, they seemed in the mood to take it seriously. Joan looked distressed at the sight of me.

Then it was down the hill to my parent's house. My father took one look at me told me to go upstairs and go to sleep but........

M: "I'm hungry."
D: "What do you want?"
M: "I don't know."
D: "Eggs? Eggs and bacon? Scrambled eggs? How about fried? How about a fried egg sandwich? Pancakes? Waffles? I have cold cuts." He opens the freezer. "Hamburger? Frozen dinner? Mummy likes these?" He holds up a box of something, my vision is blurry. "I can make tunafish. Oh, you know what we have?" He reaches in the fridge and pulls out a pie plate with a big grin on his face. "Chocolate pudding pie. It was delicious!"

This was all rapid fire and I know there were more choices, but I can't remember. My mother told him to stop making suggestions and just pick something for myself. Then, seemingly in the blink of an eye, his perfect scrambled eggs and toast were in front of me.

Then it was off to Grace's. The Head of the Charles trip never materialized. I was too tired to manage the logistics of it. At Grace's it was a double birthday party for my goddaughter Deb and my Dad. Someone, I am presuming the birthday girl wanted a cookout. So even though it was quite cool, my brother-in-law made hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill. He was fine with it. He is the "grill master" opposed to guys who think they are.

I had enough energy to talk some politics, but my mother largely shut this down and I didn't have the energy to fight it.

My parents are always ready to leave much sooner than everyone else and yesterday that was a good thing. I knew I had to get to bed.

I had to take the Trazodone, not because I needed any help sleeping - I was asleep on my feet, but because you are supposed to take it consistently. So I took it at 1930. I was in bed at 2000. I missed the entire Red Sox game as well as any bulletins that may have been coming my way(Frankie does tend to come to my room and give me sports updates in my sleep - I don't wake up, but they register).

I woke at 0400 and thought "Wow! This is it?" but decided to try to go back to sleep. I woke at 1100 hours! Fifteen hours? That's some kind of record even for me.

I am stiff and sore. I have to get a new mattress., am I on (Atkins) or off today? I have to shower and get into work. Am I picking up meat or M&Ms on my way in?


Stella said...

You got 15 hours sleep? That's great!

About Atkins: the diet severely compromises the Krebs cycle (energy processing). People on Atkins lose cognitive function because the brain functions 100% on carbs.

...potential loss of bone, and... for people with liver and kidney problems to have trouble with the high amounts of protein in these diets."

The body needs a minimum of carbohydrates for efficient and healthy functioning—about 150 grams daily... Below that, normal metabolic activity is disrupted. The brain needs glucose to function efficiently, and it takes a long time to break down fat and protein to get to the brain.

Diets? LOL, I know them all. Atkins doesn't teach you to eat properly, so the weight may come back—quickly. I understand Weight Watchers is probably the most healthy. Yes, buy that salad at Trader Joe's by all means.

Pardon my butting in here. Whatever you decide, stay healthy.

BostonMaggie said...

Yeah, but steroids are better tolerated on a low carb diet.

Stella said...

I didn't realize, Maggie. Sorry. Those good carbs in conjunction with lots of protein help a lot to counter the effects of corticosteroids.