Friday, October 17, 2008

The Daily Whine

I broke the law this morning.

I have heard many times that O2 is good for a hangover.

I know that it's good for migraines and cluster headaches because we have supplied it to many patients.

So this morning I used it for an hour to get through the worst of the Traz hangover.

I didn't have a prescription until about 5 hours after the fact.

Yesterday I went to the chiropractor. She did some things to my head and the headache went away. I was amazed. Have you ever felt during a particularly bad headache that your head was going to explode? That's how I felt. And Dr. Sue pushed it back together. I told her that's how it seemed while she was doing it and she laughed. She said she only worried when brains come out the ears. I said "Well if it's the 'pondering part', Dr. Hochstin might be happy!" I repeated this to SB and he said "Me too!" Bastid.

I have been so mean and nasty to people. Yes, yes, more than normal. I have also been randomly crying. Dr. Sue is sooooo nice. She asked me what was so bad about that. I told her it was happening uncontrolably and sometimes even in public. Again she asked what was so bad about that. LOL I told her that crying as I walked down the aisle in Walmart was for me the same as wetting my pants in public. She laughed. Later at dinner I repeated this for the girls who know me so well, they also laughed, but knew I wasn't being funny. I don't cry. I have cried more in the last 14 days than in my whole life!

So, today was a little better than yesterday thanks to oxygen and rolaids. I got in a good days work. I am headed to bed soon. Hopefully tomorrow will also be productive. I need some consolation after having to give up the ship's christening up in Bath Maine for the USS Meyer. The officer who was gracious enough to invite me told me that the ship will be commissioned next month if I feel up to that.

I have a lottery ticket. Tonight is Mega Millions. You pick 5 numbers and a bonus ball. For the bonus ball I put down "32". That's my multiple myeloma number. The percentage of aberrant plasma cells in my bone marrow. Anything over 30 is Stage 1, that's how close I came to being "smoldering" and I would have been able to take a pass on all this crap I am doing now. The girls in the office made that face that said "Sick.....but I'm not saying jack to crazy steroid woman". Jen laughed. But wouldn't that be funny? The windfall ying for my broke ass yang?

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