Sunday, October 19, 2008

TBS Leaves Viewers In the Dark

I was still in work at the start of the Sox game tonight, so I had it on the computer. I was on the phone with my friend Kathy when Jen tried to beep in. I figured it was just an impatient "When are you getting here?" and I let it go to voice mail. Then there was a text. Then she tried to beep in again. So I told Kathy I had better go check it. Jen answered the phone with "Hey! Where's the game?" I told her TBS, she told me no it was some stupid sitcom. She then told me that no one was answering the phone at my house, where was Frankie. I explained the ringer was off, but I'd find out and call her back. I called Frank and got the same "Hey, there is some stupid sitcom on TBS!" Remember, no matter how good your sitcom is, when it gets in the way of the Red Sox, it's a stupid sitcom.

Well TBS eventually figured it out.

TBS Leaves Views in the Dark

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Pia said...

I turned the tv on at 2000; all I saw was an old Dick Clark Blooper re-run, even though my guide said the game should be on. By 2002 I was on the phone to DirecTV (and I wasn't alone). What a screw job! Chris had the computer up doing online play-by-play while I sat and cursed TBS.

But oh, what a game!