Saturday, August 16, 2008

Staircase To Nowhere

When we were out on the gallery deck Chris spotted a ladder that went down the side of the ship to a small platform. He walked back to Danny, Bruce and I laughing when he realized if he had fallen, no one would have noticed. Danny and I walked down to see it. I started down when Danny pointed out that someone might not be happy with me if I went down. I told him that the nuns were almost never happy with me. LOL

The view was incredible. I have never been that close to water that blue. It's funny that the ocean can still enthrall and surprise me. I have lived all my life never more than a mile from the Atlantic. I was born a quarter mile from the Navy Yard. Then we moved from St. Mary's parish to St. Francis de Sales and I was a quarter mile from the Mystic River basin....also known as "Montego Bay". I summered 1000 feet from the ocean on Boston's South Shore....aka the "Irish Riviera". When I was first married we lived in Beachmont, a hop, skip and a jump from Revere Beach. And then finally back to the Irish Riviera and a home 400 feet from the Atlantic.
All that green water.

I was mesmerized by all this blue water. It was unreal.

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