Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Anti-Obama Ad

So.........my understanding is that this is the ad that Obama's camp is going crazy over.

So....tell me which part is untrue?


Stella said...

I see the Turdblossom machinery working overtime. :p

BostonMaggie said...

Think that if you like, but I was yelling about this back in April




I have a big problem with this. I have a big problem with William Ayers out and walking around as a free man.

I want to know what Obama sees in him. I want to know what Ayers sees in Obama.

You can blame Rove, but you have already admitted that I am not feral and I agree that people need to know that there is a connection.

Stella said...

Maggie, I promise to read your posts and value your opinion. I am not here to upset you in any way. No, of course you're not feral.

Look, wrong is wrong. If there's a problem here with Obama, I want to be informed about the candidate for whom I'm voting. I am certainly not going to place all my trust in a campaign ad. I will research this issue from all viewpoints, especially yours.

I'm here to be educated and gain a different perspective. I believe in unity, which means reading about issues without ire even with those issues with which I may not agree. (Well, most of the time...I do have my feral moments,)

Progressive and conservatives must learn from, and accept, each other in order for this nation to become strong again. Civil, intelligent people can disagree, get along, and even learn from each other.

I think we've done quite well.

BostonMaggie said...

I wasn't offended. I know you look into things.

I understand that your first instinct is to believe that Karl Rove is flinging shit against the wall and hoping something will stick.

That's why I pointed out that I had been worried about it for months. Just to show it wasn't a new thing.

This is a link to an interview Ayers gave to the NYT. It was sadly and ironically published on 09/11/01. To my knowledge Ayers has never refuted what was said in the interview. I am not basing my opinions on what someone else is saying about Ayers. I am basing it on what Ayers says about himself.