Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So, It's Not Like I Don't Know What This Is.....

*****UPDATE****It's not a tumor!!! It's where they did the bone marrow biopsy! Yea!!!!*****
When I feel overwhelmed, I want to sleep. I am sitting at my desk, yawning. I am not bored. I had a good night's sleep. I had a good lunch. I'm just bummed out.

A few months ago I was noticing that I was waking up with an ache in my right hip. I didn't think much of it. Getting older. Need a new mattress. Whatever. It's never bad enough to need an aspirin. It doesn't happen every morning. It fades as the day goes on.

Well of course, multiple myeloma causes bones to degrade from the inside out and there is bone pain. So I mention it to Dr. Hochstin and he says according the the skeletal survey, the right hip looks fine.

I mention it to Dr. Miller, mostly so I can come up with something. You see, everyone keeps asking me about pain and when I say there is none....they are perplexed. This got even worse once I was found to be Stage 1 and not smoldering. Dr. Miller asks what testing has been done, I explain about the X-rays. He said that wasn't enough and I should have an MRI.

So....I get that yesterday and off to Dr. Oliver's office I go. I have seen Dr. Oliver once before......he is dreamy, lol.

After he looks at me and looks at my paperwork and test results he explains.

My right hip likely hurts because when I was having the boys, their big fat heads stretched my pelvis. Dr. Oliver see this as common in women my age who have had normal vaginal births.

So there you go!


On the other hand......

While they were looking........

There is a luminescence????????? around the left ilium

It's the very, very, very beginning of a tumor.

I hadn't realized how much I was holding onto being asymptomatic.....until I wasn't.

Cue the M&Ms.

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