Friday, August 15, 2008

Did I Jinx It?

I headed off to Charlestown as I explained in the post below and not a quarter of the way up.....the skies darkened......there was lightening in the distance.....then it started to pour.

Everything stopped. I left work at 1600 and my 45 minute drive turned into 2 hours.

I was late. I know, you're shocked. I wasn't the only one though!

It was great. CDR Bullard spoke as well as a representative from the other side....a gentleman from the British embassy. He explained that as the official "Brit" he gets invited to lots of these events.....Battle of Bunker Hill......Lexington Green. That got a chuckle.

There were speakers about the history of the event and then it was topside for some history in action.

Of course I forgot the video camera. I'll scrounge the Internet and see what I can find.

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