Friday, August 15, 2008

So, What Was On The List?

*****Update******How did I make that mistake! It wasn't was Nametag Man who asked me to get the video of "shooting stars"***
Here's some of it. I'll add more as I have time.

Ask the CHENG to have 2nd class show me engineering. - I didn't pack long pants. Yes, I know. Please rest assured, I have been chastised by several people for this.

Take up smoking and go to the smoke pit/deck at 2200. - I went, I didn't take up smoking. although it was pointed out that walking out there was the equivilant of taking up smoking. Cough, cough. It was interesting. Wheeze. I didn't last long. What I thought was more amusing was when the announcement came that the smoking light/lamp was lit. Where ever you were on the ship, someone would immediately be running and there would be whoops of happiness.

Find the Craftmasters for the the LCAC or LCU and ask them about the "High Speed Club". - I went, I'll write a separate post on this.

Stand watch for the "mail bouy". - I wasn't fooled.

Be on the bridge when the ship is entering or leaving port - I didn't manage this because when we were leaving I was on the flight deck for the "manning of the rails" and we didn't enter the port of Miami, we were taken off in helicopters.

Watch the navigator shoot stars. Additionally Chap had asked that I try to get video of this. - I was unsuccessful. While there was a lot of talk about training on this deployment, I was leaving before that was being scheduled. I asked one of the other bloggers to try to get some video of it. If he is unsuccessful, I still have the Armorer to fall back on. Don't give up on me Chap, I am still trying.

Go to the Bridge see the Navigator. - I did this three times. I was a little overwhelmed. (For many reasons including the six ladders you climb to get there. It's hushed, but it's really buzzing just under the surface. I met the QM and watched them review charts. They were going over the port departure from Newport as a learning tool. I had met the Navigational Officer down in the Wardroom a few times. We talked about seeing some stuff, but he was really busy with getting underway. Again, this was something that if I could have stayed in a few more days I know I could have gotten more. Even so, it was very interesting.

More on this later.


xformed said...

I suspect Chap is better looking and younger....but...he didn't ask. He's a reformed bubblehead...he just listens to the echos to know where to go...But I appreciate the effort.

BostonMaggie said...

How could I make that mistake? I updated it.