Saturday, August 16, 2008

Princess Crabby Doesn't Camp

Although...........I would mind an ocean side treehouse in Maine for a week.

From today's Boston Globe

At Searsport Shores Oceanfront Campground in Searsport, Maine, campers pitch their tents near the ocean, just a short walk from the campground computer station, which offers free Wi-Fi. It costs $38 to $54 per night to pitch a tent, and Saturday night there's a $42 lobster bake served with fresh flowers, homemade breads, freshly picked roasted corn, organically grown vegetables, and - lest anyone's hands get dirty - packets of moist towelettes.

Co-owner Astrig Tanguay plans to add a small subdivision with treehouses in the fall. They'll have crows'-nest-style balconies, she says, "so you can sit up there and drink cocktails." Tanguay says her campsite attracts a sizeable population of "luxury campers" who have come to associate camping with comfort and convenience


Stella said...

Maggie, it's up by Belfast and a gorgeous area. I lived in Maine for a couple of years. A beautiful fall in Maine, staying in those tree houses sounds extremely tempting.

Then again, roughing it, especially in the Sierra Nevada and Rockies, always gets me ready to pack. Fancy or plain: either would do just fine. Well, another thing we don't have in common. I'm extremely tempted. Glad you posted this link. Sounds great.

Maybe here or here might be perfect for HRH Princess Crabby to enjoy and pamper herself.

All my best to you.

Mike said...

"Camping"?? That's not camping, that's "roughing it" to justify all that North Face gear you bought to look cool around the city that you never actually use.

Camping is being in the Rockies where the closest sign of civilization within 50 miles is the jeep trail that you took to your trailhead, you haven't seen a shower in a week, the only food you've got is the dehydrated stuff you packed in, and your only water is the stuff you just got done filtering out of a stream.

BostonMaggie said...

Stella - I really think I will do that next summer.

Mike - that's not camping...that's insantity.

Gale said...

Imagine sitting by the ocean and googling Astrig Tanguay just to see what would pop up. This after yapping a bit in the office a few days ago with her.

Yup, I'm here for my second full season at Searsport Shores. Let me tell you, if there's heaven on earth, then Downeast Maine must be a part of it. And this campground is my slice of it. I live year round on Cape Cod, but have had an affinity for this part of the Maine coast for 25 years.

I laughed when I read your short bio because I can't believe there's a republican allowed to live in Boston!!! Thank heavens!!!! haha

Looking out over Penobscot bay while typing this reply, hearing the water lap the shore as I drift off to sleep at night... the dogs, the kids, the families, the connections you're able to make... lifelong friendships in many instances are all a part of the 'small town' within a small town community here.

Oh, let me also just tease you with the incredible food I've had from around the area this summer. Fresh shrimp chowder at the Mariner Restaurant... with about 15 full shrimp in the cup, fresh atlantic salmon and baked potato $12.99, gourmet pizza from Shorty's, made to order with fresh ingredients chinese at the Imperial Jade in Bangor... oh my! Oh yes, and I mustn't forget the fried pickles my friends! Yum!!!

Bostonmaggie, you would be doing yourself a huge favor to get out of the city and take a ride up here for a weekend. Astrig rents trailers and even has a fairy cabin available.

I'm about to create a fairy castle for Astrig out on a grassy area with a lovely garden... something to make you all say... "OH! What a magical place!"

That's without having cocktails from the porch on those soon to be treehouses!

Come on up, the water's fine! :)