Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From My Cousin Chrissie


1. Open a new file in your computer.

2. Name it 'Barack Obama'.

3. Send it to the Recycle Bin.

4. Empty the Recycle Bin.

5. Your PC will ask you: 'Do you really want to get rid of 'Barack Obama?'

6. Firmly Click 'Yes.'

7. Feel better?

GOOD - Tomorrow we'll do Nancy Pelosi!


ConcreteBob said...

I wouldn't do Nancy Pelosi for 50 bucks and a rubber suit.

Barb said...

Love it!! That feels so good ;-)

Bob - your comment should have had a spew alert on it!!!!

Stella said...

That joke started when Reagan was president (better target). That joke is so old that I can't even find it on the internet. Well, this is an old joke, too: appropriate for both sides.

The New York Times is claiming that John McCain, who is 71 years old, had an inappropriate relationship with a woman who is a Washington lobbyist. The good news is there's no footage. Political experts say this could be a huge scandal for McCain because he's married and the woman he's accused of having an affair with is 31 years younger than he is. In a related story, earlier today McCain was endorsed by Bill Clinton.
From our "chat," Maggie. I suspect I'll enjoy your Pelosi joke: if I were a guy, I'd agree with concretebob. Neither progressive nor conservatives are impressed with her. (I'm restraining myself, here.)

The joke? I'll change it to "Cheney" or "Bush," and feel MUCH better. Now that I think about it, your rewritten joke may be great on my blog. C'mon Maggie, just teasing you.

All the best, always, from your token progressive.

BostonMaggie said...

For the record, as much as I admire cheney and Bush.....I wouldn't *do* either of them.

As a matter of fact, I'll use Concretebob's response to all four (Obama, Pelosi, Bush, Cheney).

Now...........you roll McCain back a few years.....I'm there!

Stella said...

Maggie, (*ugh*) the mere Cheney and Bush comment makes my skin crawl. However, yes, I agree with you completely. McCain was quite a good-looking hunk a century ago.

BostonMaggie said...

A century ago? C'mon Stella, don't be mean!

I myself like older men, so 20-25 years will do for me.

Stella said...

OK, Ms. Maggie, that was mean. I am sorry. It was just too hard a snipe to resist.