Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain/Palin Ad

This vid was put up two months ago by StudentsofAmerica on YouTube. I like some of their stuff and this one stuck with me.


Desert Sailor said...

Very cool clip Maggie, wonder how her grouping was?

Below you used lower case letters for the other senator from Illinois. I agree with your action. A long time ago I called Illinois "home", about 350 mi South of Chicago, but still Illinois.

Sadly the overarching demographics and money that control that state won't change until Cook County floats out into Lake Michigan.

Believe I'll just move. AK and WY are in the running...we'll see where the anchor is unknown.

Anonymous said...

Posted this over at Galrahn's place.

In some situations that you really Hope there is Audacity in abundance.

Who has faced such a challenge?