Monday, August 11, 2008

The Chrissie Bag

Jen and our cousin Chrissie still exchange Christmas and birthday presents.

Several years ago Chrissie gave Jen the perfect travel bag. It’s black with several compartments and a very slender profile. It is the perfect carry on. It’s also timelessly chic. Chrissie is always “put together” and has excellent taste. When I travel I always ask to borrow it for every trip. I remember how perfect it was when I went to Dubai.

When Jen and I travel together I pout because I lose out, lol!

So when I was prepping for my trip on the Kearsarge the three most important things I lined up were the use of Nic’s laptop (thanks Nic!), one of Jen’s windbreakers (FbL told me of her expensive search for one on the eve of her trip) and the “Chrissie Bag”.

Then Jen’s boss decided she needed to travel to New York for a few days. I got bumped! I can’t tell you how much more difficult this made my trip!

All right. I am being a little melodramatic.

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