Saturday, August 09, 2008

OK, Back to Places With No Internet

Some of my fellow bloggers needed their posts to be timely and coherent. You know that isn't going to happen with me. I'm offline until sometime Monday night/Tuesday morning.

Even when I am back to regular access, they with be somewhat disjointed and random as I digest all I saw and learned. I am by no means a journalist. These are just going to be my thoughts and observations on one of the most excellent adventures ever.

I talked with SB while sitting in Miami airport yesterday afternoon. My words were tumbling all over each other and when I paused to take a breath he said "Now you understand why I love going to sea."

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FbL said...

"Now you understand why I love going to sea."

I haven't written about that part yet, but that was one of the major lessons I took away from my time on the carrier. I thought I understood what my sea-going friends have shared with me, but experiencing it first-hand just put it into another realm. I think that anyone who loves a sailor needs to find a way to spend at least 24 hours on a Navy ship. Not only is it an experience of a lifetime, but it explains so much.