Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I'm Aboard

We got in last night and have been running ever since.

I've seen the UnRep....been on the signal bridge....lot's of people to talk to.

BTW, I forget who told me to get the Bos'n to take me to watch the Unrep from the Starboard accomodation ladder platform (aka The Bosn's Porch) ......but thanks!!!! I was spoken to sharply! "Who told you that!"


This is great.

Miss me.

More on Friday or Saturday.


LT Nixon said...

Cool. While I usually don't wish anyone to have to go out to sea (watch kind of blows), I hope you are having a good time. Say hi to David Axe for me too, he's there somewhere.

FbL said...

*GRIN* Sounds like you're having a wonderful time. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Tom said...

Great start, Maggie. Have a great deployment. I'm one of many Navy types who look forward to following you and your mission.

And don't forget to listen up for "MDI" (Mess Decks Intelligence)!

Best wishes,


Ken Adams said...


Don't forget the craftmasters!

Desert Sailor said...

Welcome aboard!!

I have no idea why I've not hit your blog...I'm a dumbass??

Your wheelbook is from a "friend" of mine...he'd know me as "Mustang LT" from a BB we commonly trade shop talk on. And he's the CO of the place where I plan to borrow for my retirement in two years.

Having said all that, please reach back with details at my email account, I suspect I can "introduce" you to ADM Stavridis. He is (without a doubt) THE most forward thinking, innovative flag officer in our Navy. The man is amazing and so damn personable you will enjoy your time with him no doubt!!

I'm just an old Mustang in the twilight of a semi varied career doing what I can to help those who help so many...THANKS MAGGIE!

OBTW...I sure wish I'd a stumbled in here back in 05-06 when Baghdad was home.


Chuck said...

Have fun, sweetie, Send me a pic of you doing something naval.

BostonMaggie said...

LT - I did get to spend time with David. He is very serious about his work.

fbl - You know I did!

Tom - Thanks

Ken - I made a point of going to find the craftmasters, it led me to a part of the ship no one had thought to show us.

Desert Sailor - You didn't leave me your I can't reach you.

Chuck - There will be pics, but remember....they will be shaky!