Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Knew She Reminded Me Of Someone!

LOL! The other day I was hanging with my little cousin Griff and he wanted to watch a movie. So I was running through the guide and up popped "Goonies". I turned to Griff and said "Hey, let's watch "Goonies", my Frankie loved that movie".

So we settle in with our tuna sandwiches - no chips, my bad. We laugh at the funny parts and hide our faces at the scary parts. When the scenes on the deck of the pirate ship roll around, I was struck!

There was a person who was a little too strange about the blog. This person believed that things were being written here that meant something in her life. LOL! How ridiculous! Everyone knows that this blog is all about me!

Anyway, when this actress turned to speak to her screen sons, I burst out laughing! I have always thought this person seemed familiar and now I get it. She looks like Anne Ramsey/Mama Fratelli. Especially the raspy, smokers voice and the creased, wrinkled skin.

That's what I'll have to call her from now on - Mama Fratelli.

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