Saturday, January 07, 2012

I Made It Back!

Last night I had dinner at the Stonebridge restaurant in Tiverton, RI. As noted in the post below, I was worried about sitting down in close quarters with three people who are sooooooo good as calling me on my bullshit. But I made it.

First I was happy because I was only ten minutes late! Come on! For me that's practically on time. My sisters and I were heading down on Route 24 and I called to check in with My Marine. My first words are "Why haven't you called to check on me?" Of course, he has the perfect reply "I wouldn't check on you until at least 7:45 for a 6 o'clock date." Too true!

Next, the restaurant was nice, although thinking about it after the fact, I would have opted for the table in the main part of the restaurant. We were in a side room that felt a little crowded. But the food was 4 out of 5 stars. My meal was five stars on it's own. I had a super fresh salad and a melt-in-my-mouth filet mignon. It was cooked exactly how I wanted. Just a beautiful piece of meat........did I mention I was on Day 5 of Atkins. I'm only sorry I didn't order two!

Grace wasn't as happy with her meal, both her chicken and her dessert were overdone. Jen said the fish in Fisherman's Platter was good, but her scallops were delicious. Her dessert was also lacking. My Marine didn't say anything specifically, but that plate was completely empty before I finished my filet.

Our waitress was very pleasant and didn't make us feel rushed. I'm pretty sure we were the last to leave, we showed up a few minutes after six and left after ten.

I always love it when my sisters, who are so important to me, get to meet my "imaginary friends". Especially one I love so much.

I thought the funniest part of the night was when he was telling a story about someone who was bothering Mary Ripley, Media Marketing Director at US Naval Institute. Mary is good friends with all of us, but I don't think My Marine realized that she is also an honorary McInnis sister. I already knew the story, but watching both my sisters perk right up in "defense mode" at the mention of someone bothering Mary was funny. I knew he was surprised, but Jen explained, complete with hand gesture and raised eyebrow "Mary' the circle.".

Another funny thing was how people who were mentioned popped up in my email and Facebook today. I came home to an email from the Ogre and I thought "How does he know?". Then this morning, our friend Karen Frecker popped up on my Facebook. I told her that we had told My Marine all about her wine tasting a few months ago. We can't wait for her beer tasting in March! And if you ever find yourself in or near Hudson, MA, pop into the Harvest Cafe. Stuffed French Toast......mmmm..

There was lots of good conversation and some of it was contentious. People who read this blog and know My Marine will back me up when I say that he will stick to his point like a pitbull whose jaw is locked onto your ankle. But we were up for it! And the thing of it is, if he argues with you, it's a compliment. He thinks you are up for it. He thinks you're smart and worth arguing with.

There was however, one downside.....................I couldn't go to the ladies room. I couldn't leave them alone at the table to discuss me!!!!!


Anonymous said...

You know they're texting each other today, don't you?

Mrs. D

Yer Marine said...

Poor Ted. He knows we are talking about him, even without an i-phone. It's the coat hanger wrapped in tinfoil. He gets great reception.

Your sisters were charming, and it was a lovely evening. They stayed later than they would have liked, but could have solved that by agreeing with me sooner.

See? No need for a rescue mission. You were safe and sound, even if you had to hold your tinkle to keep us from talking about you!!!

MaryR said...

Ted is going to really be after me now, I can't believe you guys gave him my super-secret Massachusetts, not Massachusetts, maybe Virginia, definitely not Maryland, really San Diego coordinates.