Saturday, January 14, 2012

Did I Call You?

Did I text you?

Did I almost knock you over walking to the ladies room at East Bay?

I'm so sorry!

It was one of those rare nights when I decided to have a coupla Cape Codders. I was out with Jennifer and Bette....I wish Grace was there! but it was a short notice kinda thing.

I had to do something stressful and I called Jen. Grace was wishing she was closer, but she couldn't be. So she had to settle for yelling at me on the phone. Jennifer tried to talk me out of it. She and Grace had many good points. They are smart and they are reasonable.

Finally I just sent Jennifer a text "I'm going. Are you going to let me go alone?" LOL! Talk about you're rhetorical questions. Anyway she texted back - "Be there in 5"

So we handled it. Not the way Grace want. Not the way Jen wanted. And surprisingly, not the way I wanted. It was somewhere in the middle.

Instead of going straight home, Jen suggested East Bay. So I called Bette and asked what she was doing. When I found out she was free I said we were coming to get her to go to East Bay. She told me that I sounded upset and asked what was going on. I said "Wash your face, we'll be there in 15 minutes." After I hung up, Jennifer looked over and said "Wash you face? What are you, Dad?"

So there were cocktails and nachos and happy bartenders because they have missed us. They've missed Bette in particular. When I walked in I announced "I have brought your gimpy friend!" Since Bette's accident, mobility has been an issue. Note, if you own a standard, don't break your foot.

So, the girl I knocked over.....well almost. She apologized. So on the way back I told her it wasn't her fault, but not to worry, I wasn't driving. A little later her group moved closer to where we were sitting. East Bay was very crowded. It was Friday night after all.

Next thing you know, both our groups are talking.

So, it was nice meeting you Lola, Whitney and Alyssa (sp?). Carry on your great work at Jordan Hospital. But someone needs to pop into the health food store and get Whitney some niacin.....those were the coldest hands I've felt since Harrianne used to live down the street.

Jen dropped me home and it was shocking to see it was just a little after 9pm. I got a MegaMillions ticket. Hope it works/ed.

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