Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Kevin White's Funeral

I had thought about getting up early enough to be along the procession route. I figured I'd take the 93 downtown and stand near his statue across from City Hall. But yesterday was a full day. I just couldn't make it.

But....all the local TV channels were covering it. So I plopped on the couch with my breakfast to watch WCVB.

If you've read anything else here, you know I'm a political nerd, a staunch Bostonian and I loved Kevin White. To me, Kevin White epitomized all those things. He was a brilliant, incandescent political animal. He loved Boston and his vision for the city is why we are a world class city today. Everything about him fascinated me. So of course, I was looking forward to listen to the eulogies.

Menino did a good job. He's always better when he has prepared remarks to read from. Menino was followed by Barney Frank. Loving Kevin White is probably the only thing that Barney and I would agree on. And for the most part, he did a good job. Frank did drift off into politics for a few moments, but then got back on track.

The front of St. Cecilia's had a few rows of chairs on each side to make more space. The right side was for family and the left side was for political VIPs. The camera moved around but was on that political front row fairly often. Menino, his wife, Barney Frank, Bob Crane.....and in the middle, much to my Patrick and Sen Kerry. Could there be anyone less worthy? I mean....Muthr-A-God! as the Mayor himself would say.....Patrick didn't even know Kevin White. Mayor White suffered from Alzheimers and stopped being politically active before Cadillac Deval moved to Massachusetts. And Kerry? Well you know how I loathe him. And didn't he look ridiculous with his two black eyes and slack jaw. My mother and I were laughing. Hockey injury, my eye!

Kerry lived up ..... or should I say my lowest expectations. The Senior Senator from Massachusetts, in a spectacularly classless move, left halfway through the Mass.

Seriously? What in Heaven's name could have been so crucial? Disgusting.

Although I'm sure no one is as pissed about that as I am. After all, there were two more speakers after the Mass.

Mark White, Kevin's son gave a heartwarming speech about his Dad. I was a little misty.

But the corker? Former Massachusetts Treasurer, Bob Crane. He's 85, even older than the Mayor who was 82 when he passed. Sitting there in the front row, he looks it. When Jack Connors helped him to get to the lectern, I wondered how it would go.

I shouldn't have worried. As the saying goes.....He smiled and the sun came out! Crane began to speak and the years fell away. His wit, his warmth, his perfect timing....all still there. What a lovely surprise!

All in all, it was just what I hoped for. A spectacular tribute to a remarkable man.

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