Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Height Of Political/History Nerdiness

Yeah, here I am at the pinnacle.

First, I was sitting on a Saturday night watching the GOP debate in New Hamspire.

Second, I actually had snacks and was on my laptop tweeting it.

Third, I was really peeved when John Hunstman said this

HUNTSMAN: Yes. I would have to tell Mitt that the president of the United States is the commander-in-chief. Of course you get input and -- and advice from a lot of different corners of Washington, including the commanders on the ground.
But we also deferred to the commanders on the ground in about 1967, during the Vietnam War, and we didn’t get very good advice then.
Here’s what I think is around the corner in Afghanistan. I think civil war is around the corner in Afghanistan. And I don’t want to be the president who invests another penny in a civil war. And I don’t want to be the president who sends another man or woman into harm’s way that we don’t -- we’re not able to bring back alive.
I say we’ve got something to show for our mission. Let’s recognize that and let’s move on.

It is completely false to state that Vietnam failed because LBJ "deferred to the commanders on the ground". It shows a glaring lack of knowledge on the subject.

I am not saying everyone needs to understand what happened in Vietnam. However, if you don't know....don't speak.


Yer Marine said...

Seems that little reading assignment I gave you is paying off.

You can stop rolling your eyes now!

Yer Marine said...

But actually, Huntsman's assertion is the common politician's line on Vietnam. Worse historical butchering was Obama asserting he was capable of foreign policy leadership just like JFK was when he met Khruschev in April 1961.

THAT meeting was a catastrophe, Khruschev had his way with Kennedy and left him shaken and beaten. Which led directly to the move to put medium range missiles in Cuba.

Warrant Diver said...

I'm looking for a "like" button so I can agree with Yer Marine!!! Vietnam was a POLITICAL blunder that the military tried to support, and it was LBJs bad decisions (approving targets from the Oval Office? Micromanage much?) that drove military strategy.

Gordon Dundas said...

Doesn't anybody read History anymore?
Is to much to ask people who are running for office to at least have some idea of what they are talking about.