Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kevin From Heaven!

I am so sad this weekend! My favorite Democrat has passed. Yeah, see, I am not so rock hard Republican, I have loved a Democrat.

Kevin Hagen White passed away Friday and I nearly wept. Kevin was Boston and Boston loved him. He did so many great things for the City.

The enthusiasm he brought to being Mayor and doing good was infectious. He roused many young people to public service here in Boston.

Kevin White's vision is a large part of why Boston is a world class city.

His stories and antics were larger than life. The Rolling Stones. James Brown. The Vault. Barney Frank. There are very good reasons that he is considered a legand.

I very much enjoyed this write-up/story .

Did I mention he was smart enough to marry a Charlestown girl? Kathryn White went to school with my Dad.

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