Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Call The Waaahhhhhhbulance!

I am having a pity party here in Boston. First off, my head cold is totally kicking my ass....still! I have a little laryngitis....shut up!

Also, a bunch of my friends are in San Diego for #West12....and I am not!

Plus, I have another little problem which is of my own doing. The worst part? I have to suffer through a chorus of "I told you so!"s from Jennifer, Grace, Bette, and Pat when she gets the chance.

I had a friend, and I use the term loosely, who liked to tell fish stories. I knew right off the bat, it's not like I even fell for them. I just figured that if this was the way she felt better....whatever.

I mean, it's not like it ever caused a problem for me. She'd make some grandiose statement about a past job or past lover and I'd let it slide. What did I care? I learned long ago that everyone deals with life's ups & downs in their own way. Some people block them, some people wallow in them and some people rewrite history.

Well, she began to spout this nonsense about someone really close to me. Also, she apparently identifies a little too closely with Hedy Carlson. It got pretty messy. I was aggravated, but it wasn't that big a deal. I told her we were no longer friends and blocked her on Facebook.

But of course, the worst part is that I have to admit to my sisters and friends that I was wrong and they were right. I was not beyond being harmed by her behavior.

You know how that kills me, right?


Charity said...

I can't imagine Maggie "blocking" someone on FB. You're too easy going - I'm guessing they deserved it. Hope you feel better soon. I'm bummed I missed SD too.

Yer Marine said...

A good dose of "I told you so" is good for you now and then....

If you were in SD, you would just be annoyed with me for working the evenings away. And you WOULD be out here for just me, right?

(Note: I did not make a joke that a cold in a head that big is a pandemic...)