Tuesday, January 25, 2011

8.27 Million & A Present!

They needed 5 million and collected for five hours. Five excruciating hours. The last one of which I had to go to the bathroom. I just gritted my teeth because I wasn't going to use a bedpan.
And I wore my nifty new wool cap that Sarah from "Trying To Grok" sent me.
Why was it excruciating? No Wi-Fi. Seriously? There is Wi-Fi in the infusion room. There is Wi-Fi in the inpatient floor. But not in the Neely Infusion Center? So I beefed to everyone who came in. You know the rules "When Maggie's unhappy...she's seldom unhappy alone."

Seriously, it was fine. Grace was with me the whole time and we has lots of laughs with Denise, my transplant coordinator and the staff, Ron, Paula, Kay and Pat. There were visits from Kate, my NP and Dr. Miller.

I didn't need blood products, the catheter is out, I got Starbucks vanilla chai tea. Really, you couldn't ask for more......except for Wi-Fi.

We took the T home and Grace was nervous about anything "happening to me on her watch". So she kept fussing. She wouldn't let me carry my bag. She made my wear my nifty new wool cap and giant pink mittens even though it wasn't that cold. Then in the T station....she buttoned my effin' coat...people probably thought I was a mentally handicapped adult. I was fine on the train but we climbed the stairs out of Haymarket instead of looking for the escalator and there was no seat on the "Bunker Bus" aka the Route 93/Bunker Hill St. bus. Grace said she could see I was struggling and she was scanning the people with seats to see who she was going to approach and ask them to get up, lol. But it ended up ok. She even bought me a Mega Millions ticket for tonight.

Alright I am in bed and successful and out of their clutches until February 7th. That's when I will be admitted for the next part.


Barb said...

Glad that part's over, and you are home okay!

Dbie said...

Love the hat! WTG, Sarah!

Mrs. Diva said...

"When Maggie's unhappy...she's seldom unhappy alone."

So when do they get Wi-Fi? :)

Yer Marine said...

Mrs. Diva,

My guess is they will have Wi-Fi installed by 7 February, if they know what's good for 'em.

Another hurdle crossed. Keep it up.