Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And The Award For Worst Mother Of The Year...

UPDATE>>>Let me be clear, Frankie didn't complain. He asked me when it was so he could keep with my schedule. I am the one who sets the time. Once he realized that I had forgotten, he quickly said he didn't need a party. LOL! Don't get mad at Frankie! The favorite Naval Consort yelled at me for making Frankie feel bad, he knows us enough to know I was wallowing and Frankie was not the problem.

...goes to.......ME!

My sisters and my brother and I have nine children. We celebrate each birthday, some are combined, some are singles. My son Frankie is usually a single because he is the only January birthday. I usually call Grace, Jen, and Frank and we pick a date. Something convenient.

It's not any big thing. Cake, probably pizza. Or Grace makes meatballs. Or my Dad gets coldcuts. It's just an excuse to get together.

So here I am.....wah, me.

Frankie calls me to see if he can come tomorrow to visit. I have told them they have to check in case it's bad. I don't want them to see me looking bad.

And we decide, yes, tomorrow is good. Then he says, "When is my party?"

I have just about stopped crying and feeling bad for myself.


Warrant Diver said...

What??? How old is Frankie?? My boys are 13 and 10, and I love the heck out of them, but with four brothers and sisters, fifteen nieces and nephews, and in laws and great aunts, etc. (not to mention work deadlines to remember) I sometimes forget my sons NAMES much less their birthdays!!! And I don't have chemo to worry about!
Tell Frankie to cowboy up and stop expecting a pointy cardboard hat and a cake every birthday!! Unless he's like seven or eight...then I retract all the above statements and will just go with "eh, tell Frankie sorry and give him a big hug."

PS- I don't think you are going to get too many comments on this post...WAY too many landmines here!

BostonMaggie said...

Frankie didn't complain, lol. I updated the post. Poor kid, I forget his birthday and then I write this post in such a way that he comes off bad.

Frankie is 23 and he asked the time in deference to me. He knows that ordinarily he has no say in scheduling his birthday. He was being compliant.

And for the record, age has nothing to do with it! I am 49 and if my parents forgot my birthday, I would cry myself to sleep, lol.