Monday, July 30, 2007

The Rules of the Rotation

I'm having that crazy problem with Blogger comments again so I'll just throw my answer up here.

YukonJohn has questions. This comment is from the post with his name on it.

and your point would be.....How many rules are on the list?

One Chicago IAP rule: When she smiles at you and her eyes are not RUN AWAY

This would happen when you look at the barmaid for longer than 8 seconds after ordering drinks.

First off, the Rotation, as I have explained previously - Men in my orbit who vie for my attention with varying degrees of success.

Rule #1 - It's all about Maggie!

Rule #2 - You have to pay lots and lots of attention to me, but you can't put up with my shit. It's a fine line and not many can successfully achieve the right balance.

Rule #3 - If I am seeing are not the only one I am seeing.

Rule #4 - Competition is strongly encouraged.

Rule #5 - When Maggie is unhappy......she is seldom unhappy alone.


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-Sips Jameson's, ices ankle, watches with amusement for the next installment...