Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Am Banned By Michael Yon

Took long enough....jeez! Anyway, I did it with logic. I know, I was surprised too! So now I am proudly part of a list that includes people I admire like -

Beth Donovan
Beer Girl - Maryann
Carrie Costantini
Chuck Ziegenfuss
Mrsg- N-Greyhawk
Troy Steward
CJ Grisham
War on Terror News

and many others!

Talk about a VIP list....and I did it with 8.27 million stem cells tied behind my Seriously, the people listed above write stuff more substantive than anything you will read here and I am honored to be in their company.

I am going back to sleep now.


SquidThoughts said...

OliviaProud of you, lady!

Yer Marine said...

Yon is a rectal pore who thinks he is a warrior because he watches warriors work. He isn't in it for anyone but himself.

Not sure he would be nearly as badass or fat-mouthed if he was saying those things to and about those people in person.

Maj Pain said...

Concur with "Yer Marine".....nicely said!!! Its like saying the bears QB could have played the entire game of the season as you sit in your fluffy couch...
Keep attacking warrior!

Anonymous said...

Amazed me in the CJ PTSD thread on yon's FB that we were allowed the honor of commenting that long without his cronies coming to his defense [Ms Heng Heng aka yon doesn't count]. When he starts attacking Vets [Uncle Jimbo] & active duty soldiers [CJ] he starts biting the hand that fed him. & from the recent pictures I've been sent, he's been fed pretty well. Think I was merely deleted rather than banned, the like button is back on but hell will freeze over before I hit it.

ponsdorf said...

Yah know... some of us decided to simply eschew Yawn some time ago. Not meant to diss the coterie directly, but some some late to the game?

ParachuteCutie said...

Maggie has been quiet the past couple of days.

I hope you are doing OK friend. Definitely thinking of you.