Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Favorite Naval Consort Saved Someone's Life Tonight

I drove down to Plymouth to see some people and pick up some stuff at the office. I had wanted to leave around noon and have lunch with Tommy. But you know I was late. I had a script that I needed filled and there is a pharmacy near the restaurant I wanted to go to. I dropped the script and the woman said it would take around 15 minutes. I explained we were going to lunch and she could take her time.

Off we went to Boston's of Plymouth where we had a nice lunch and talked about all the geeky stuff we like....War of 1812.....some ancient Roman cult.....the objections of Spanish economists to acronym PIGS.

Then we returned to the pharmacy, the Medicine Shoppe in Jabez Corner. And the most bizarre thing happened. It's steroid day and you know what that means, right? Yeah, well apparently not always. The pharmacist gave me a hard time and I apologized. And I can't explain it. I can't believe that I did not go across the counter and rip his head off. He called me up to the counter by my first name, not a deferential "Mrs. Miller" and then said "You need to use the same pharmacy." I was baffled, did he not want my business, or was he chastising me for not giving him all of my business. "You haven't been here in a year." He kept smiling in this condescending way and shaking his head. "You're lucky I have these!" I was explaining that I came because we were having lunch nearby and I wasn't living down here. I have no idea why I was explaining ANYTHING!!! He jerked his head in the direction of the Jordan Hospital and said in a conspiratorial tone "I only have these because I am right near the oncology department. You need to call first." What does he care if I want to waste my time on a wild goose chase. And for the record, I have called pharmacies first to see if they have this on hand and they won't answer me because it's oxy and they don't want to get robbed. So right there, that's a stupid statement. He ran my bank card and gave me the drugs and I walked outside. I turned to Tommy and said "What the eff was I so nice about in there?" Tommy laughed and said he didn't know.

So, fine, we got to my work to get the other drugs. I have my mail order stuff sent to work because there is always someone there to sign for them. We talk to the girls and we have some laughs. I am better.

Then we go and meet Frankie. I miss just hanging with them. We make arrangements for how everyone is getting to the big Kelley family Christmas party Saturday. Tom is going to drive me to Malden, keep the van and drive himself and Frank to the party.

Frankie goes off with Billy and Tommy and I head for Malden.

That's when I got the flat tire. We get safely off the road, call AAA, get towed. They can't fix the tire and there are serious problems with two others.

$337.00 I don't have.

The van will be ready tomorrow. Tom's girlfriend comes right down with her car so Tommy can drive me to the train. I call Frankie, he will get another ride for himself and his brother. He says he will give me some money toward it. I tell him I am just being whiny about the tires, but really...$337! It sucks! He says "You are supposed to say thank you, I love you" I laugh and say just that.

Tom drops me at the train. It takes an hour to get from Braintree to Andrew Square because of a problem in Davis Square. I can't stand it one minute longer and call my friend Mike. "Please come get me at Andrew Square". He is out with his new g/f and they come get me. I am sooooo grateful. He wanted me to meet the g/ two birds.

Tonight I was supposed to get to Grace's and my goddaughter Debbie was going to dye my hair. But that was clearly out. But randomly, I decide at 9:45 pm that I will do it myself. I am trying to concentrate on my hair, but I keep thinking about how concerned they were in infusion yesterday, the weight loss, the cold. And the most ridiculous thing, I was asked if I was optimistic and happy about the upcoming stem cell transplant. Isn't it enough that I am doing it???? No I am not happy! So I try to pull my attention back to my hair. I am doing just that when I part it about two inches above my right ear and there is a bald spot a little bigger than a Kennedy half dollar. I am mesmerized.

Then I hear someone beeping out front. It's after 10 pm. Who is beeping??

I was incensed!

I pulled my gloves off and went to the back door. My hand was on the knob. I reached for the lock. Someone was about to get a severe beating. I don't know what stopped me. But I picked up the cell phone instead.

He couldn't even understand me at first. "Stop, take a breath. Maggie. What? Maggie. Start again. Maggie. Maggie. Maggie."

I did. The weight loss. The pressure to be cheerful and optimistic. The tire. The money. The stupid pharmacist. The bald spot. How relieved I was that I found it and not Debbie. The guy beeping his horn.

By the end he made me laugh and said "Imagine that, I saved the life of a stranger tonight. I am a great humanitarian."

Yeah, you are. And since you are on the West Coast, I can call when it's late and not worry. The right place at the right time, it's what makes him the favorite.


Spockgirl said...

"I can't believe that I did not go across the counter and rip his head off."
You must be going soft in your old age.

On a serious note: With the head cold and the weight loss... you haven't lost your appetite though have you?

BostonMaggie said...

Nope! I just had a nice lunch at my family's Christmas party!