Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yeah...That Was Probably Stupid....

I am just in from shoveling. Don't ask me how many inches, you know have no sense of measurement. An inch? Two? A foot? A cup? I don't know.

But the guilt was eating away at me. When I lived in the Nook I would have let it build into a mountain. What did I care? Eventually Frankie or one of his posse would have come along and taken care of it. Or at best, I would have shoveled the smallest possible path so I could get to work knowing it would be taken care of by the time I got home.

But I am not in the Nook. And my Dad, while completely amazing, is 76.

I did a pretty good job of it. The worst part is the it looked like a dusting from inside the house. I thought I would be out and back in I didn't put on a hat. LOL! My hair is soaked! And considering how much has fallen out...that is still a lot of hair.

What actually drove me back inside was the fact that my pajama pants started to soak up snow and slide off. It's hard to shovel and yank your pants up at the same time.

Not to mention being as quiet as a mouse (if a mouse shovelled snow). I kept thinking that at any minute the back door would open and I would hear an exasperated "What is wrong with you! Get back in this house this instant!"

But I got away with it! I did the back and front walk and the sidewalk. I had a few giggles when I realized that I had shoveled a path all the way to Feeney's house. When we were little, Grace and I would do our house and next door because Mrs. Doherty was older and alone. I don't recall being asked and we didn't do her inside her gate. Just the sidewalk in front of her house all the way up to the Feeney's. But of course now that house is owned by a young couple in their 30s, so......I laughed and backtracked.

It was just as pleasant as when I was young. Sometimes when I was in my teens I would shovel all the way up to BunkerHill Street. Something about the stillness and being alone at night outside.

Now I am just waiting for my coat to dry enough to put back in the closet, then it's off to bed.

At least I can say I did more than shower today.


Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Your perseverance is truly amazing, dear lady. I say a prayer for you every day.

Mrs. Diva said...

I prefer to make a distiction between stupid and determined. ;)

ponsdorf said...

Okay, I value your determination, but what almost ruined my keyboard was the image of you trying to hold up PJs while shoveling!

Spockgirl said...

I am the first to admit that there is just something about shovelling snow that feels great, but OMG... this kinda sorta goes way beyond your "overbooking". Too bad I can't call you young lady. Firstly: going outside in the snow without a hat on; Secondly:wearing PJ pants whilst shovelling snow? Thirdly: Oy!