Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Upside Of Chemo

When you mention you have a head cold, you get more than sympathy and a Kleenex!

Today was infusion. I barely made it. I rolled out of bed after 11 and had time to shower. But a mad search for my car key (it was off the key ring ever since I valet parked it at the hotel in Philadelphia) took up all the breakfast, hair-combing, book packing time.

I know I looked pretty scary because as I walked down Elm Street, my cousin Pippi didn't recognize me until I spoke to her. And if I needed any confirmation, the look of distress on Dr. Miller's face when he saw me in the hall and said "What's wrong with you?" took care of that, lol. "Just a head cold. I'll be fine." I replied. I was walking back to infusion from Au Bon Pain with my chicken sandwich and some delicious sweet potato chips. If your time is limited, you shower, because there is always food to be had on Washington Street!!!

Well, I have never had someone take a head cold so seriously. They gave me Z-Pak. I didn't even ask.

But that wasn't the funniest thing. Every time I go, they weigh me and take vital signs. Today they weighed me twice because I lost 11 lbs since Monday. Hello! They are worried; I am not. They want to know what happened. ME TOO!!!! CAN YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN EVERY WEEK!!!

Am I dehydrated? I promise them I have been drinking tons of water and juice and tea. But really, lots of water because the Nyquil and the daytime cold med have my mouth all dried out (and my face, I am wearing thick face cream and I am still scaly). They ask if I am "voiding". Yes, yes and I think of the dehydration charts on Navy ships that explain how to tell if you are dehydrated by the color. I am "functional" I tell them. They ask if I am eating and I say yes, but then I hesitate and say but not today.

So they ask if I can stay for a bit longer than usual and let them give me some IV fluids. That's fine because I have no plans and I have a metered spot, so I don't have to worry about the hospital valet closing at 4 pm. I figured, my freebie spot at the bottom of Elm Street will be gone, but you win some you lose some. Charlestown is full of cars and the spots near my parents house a resident permit only. Get a little further away and there are some 2 hour spots. But there is a spot at the bottom of the street with no signage and I stopped the parking enforcement person (I think she is a friend of my sister Jennifer's) and asked about it. I got confirmation that it's safe.

Anyway, I got the IV, they debated on giving me the Velcade because I was sick....but then went ahead with it. They scheduled the bone marrow biopsy for December 22nd - that's when we find out if this knocked me from 70% involvement to 20% or less. They seem confident they have. I left at 5 pm......great time to drive from Chinatown to Charlestown, lol. Filled my Z-Pak script and guess what???

My fab parking spot was waiting for me!!!

And my Dad made me a delicious cheesesteak sandwich. Better than Geno's! He might be the best in Philly, but my Dad is the best in Charlestown!

They promise that I will feel much better tomorrow.

Life is good.


Ruth said...

Sweetie--feel better soon. I hope you vanquish that headcold and any other illness that ruins your day. You run a good blog & have good sense. I love folks with good sense. Take care now.

Stella said...

“People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in,their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

~Elisabeth Kubler-Ross~