Saturday, December 11, 2010

Did You Get Breakfst Delivered To Your Room???

Ha! I did!

I just came back to my room from showering (bedroom on 3rd, bathroom on 2nd floor) when my mother called up "Are you coming down for breakfast?" I said no because I try to plan this out. If I am leaving the 3rd floor, I try to arrange it that I am not coming back up. I do everything I have to do, pack my laptop, etc. I want to make sure there is not some random trip to the 3rd floor for something trivial.

Stairs kill me - did I mention on last night's T adventure that the escalator was out a tBraintree and I didn't even see one at Andrew??? And you can't hang onto the banister even if you are on Z-Pak and covered in hand sanitizer.

So I padding around getting ready when my Dad is at my door - "Here." and gives me a plate of scrmabled eggs, he makes perfect scrambled eggs and two slices of bacon.


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