Friday, December 17, 2010

Sometimes When You Are On A Roll.... roll right off.

I am so excited about getting out of infusion early that I am pushing it.

Wednesday went really well and I am really happy. How I feel lately kinda reminds me of "nesting" at the end of my pregnancies. I am sure it is just some subconscious way of trying to gain control over my life.

I missed the commuter rail on Wednesday, but Tom just came and got me at Braintree. He rearranged the storage facility and next thing you know.....everything except my bed was inside. I don't know what I am going to do about the bed. But that's minor.

Tom had something to do at noon and I dropped him off pretty darn close to that.

Trish and I saw "Tangled", it was cute, the popcorn was uber fresh because it was the first show of the day and I had plenty of M&Ms. CVS is running a sale, 2 bags for $5, so they were in my bag. I got some last week and my Dad yelled at me for buying more. So, I threw Trish under the bus and said she bought them and left them in my bag.....sorry Trish.

Then I went into work and started working on my desk. Just before I left I gave Nic the good monitor because....I wasn't going to use it. And now I have stuff from the house. Plus my work keyboard was so worn you couldn't see the letters. People were always asking how I used it. I told them that I knew where the letters were, duh! And if they beefed I told them "Well, stay away from my desk." So Nic helped me straighten out all the stray cords and hook up the new monitor and keyboard. I vacuumed. I was breathless, Bette told me it was stupid to exert myself. But again, there is something that is really making me feel good about getting things in order.

I ran into two of Frankie's friends and they talked about missing me and I miss them and I got a little veklempt. It's a funny thing about Frankie's friends....for the most part they are motherless. Two of them, their mothers passed away from illness; another has a problem that keeps her away; another of the boys live with his Dad and I have never heard mention of the mother. I am sure that is part of why they feel the way they do about me....I'm the last one left. They must have called Frankie because I got this series of text messages about how much he loved me and how sorry he was that things were the way they are. I am so lucky to have the sons I have....and their friends.

Anyway, then the whole gang went to TGI Fridays and had apps and drinks. I stayed until I could feel the pain and tingling climbing up my legs and my tongue got numb. The drive back to Boston was pretty was easy.

So all in all, Wednesday was a great success!

On Thursday I wanted to go see my Aunt Teresa. She is travelling to Vegas to be with my cousin Jess over the holidays and by the time she comes back, I will not be visiting people. So on the way to Wilmington, I got off in Stoneham to get some Italian cookies at Colarusso's. Mmmmm! I also go a cannoli for my Dad and a Neapolitan for my mother (and a half moon, in case she wasn't in the mood for the neapolitan). I could camp out in Colarusso's!

We had a very nice visit and I got to see my cousins Kathy and MaryKate as well. My brother Frank showed and we all had lots of laughs. It went just as I wanted.

On the way back to Charlestown I had such a longing for chicken fingers. My aunt loves Chinese food and she and my brother were comparing their favorite local places. The conversation turned to Chinese food at least 3 times! So I called my friend T. "I am driving down 93 back to Charlestown, where can I get good chicken fingers?"

He told me, Speedy Wong's, but it wasn't called that anymore. I was surprised. I mean, Speedy Wong's was ok and there are great Charlestown/Speedy Wong's stories. But great chicken fingers? Really. He said they really were. So I stopped by and it was very clean and very busy and the "Wong" part for the sign outside was blanked out with something. They offered small servings - something I don't see many places doing anymore, so I got some noodles and chicken chow mien too.

Fabulous! More astonishing, my mother tried and loved the chicken chow mien. And she is ridiculously picky when it comes to that.

I topped that off with the last three episodes of "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO.

So, this morning? When the alarm went off? Paying the I am nearly numb and what isn't numb hurts. Helloooooo pain pills!

Oh well, I am still happy with the two good days and better days are coming soon. I have just a little Revlimid left to go.

And I will be perfectly upfront here. I plan on "overbooking". I am going to push like this every chance I get.

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