Saturday, December 04, 2010

So Far...So Good....

The Cruiser Olympia was very interesting. Not as good as touring USS Constitution, but then...what is! No, I am teasing. I am very glad I went. I shot some video and we'll have to see how that went. I liked comparing it with other ships I have been aboard.

The Independence Seaport Museum was more entertaining than I expected. On top of all the nautical/Navy/ship building stuff.....I learned the story of the Slinky! Unexpected and delightful.

Their gift shop filled my souvenir needs....bonus!!! No need to traipse up to Market Street and search for a parking spot!

The drive was 6 hours with one rest stop, one Starbucks stop and two traffic jams. The Starbucks stop was a small town in New Jersey where the people were driving like insane people. Now if I think that....and I am a crazy aggressive driver.....well, you are insane. The Starbucks was in Yardley, New Jersey on route 332. First I watched a guy block a woman into a parking spot and when she finally spoke to him he burned rubber out of the parking lot. then when I went to pull up a driver racing through the intersection nearly hit me and then drove into the oncoming traffic rather than let me out. Finally, as I turned at the intersection there was a woman in an SUV trying to get the jump on the red light by driving into oncoming! I was happy to get back on 95.

And the other stop was at the Vince Lombardi rest area on the NJ Pike where I was robbed! $6.11 for a medium BK Coke and a can of Pringles. I didn't want Pringles, but they didn't have plain chips. One traffic jam was the cross Bronx Freeway. High volume of traffic, Iunderstood. But the other one???? Connecticut on 95, for over three miles between exits 19 and 24, we rolled slowly. The flashing marquees told us it was an when we get to exit 24....we should accident.....right?

No. the accident was on the other side!!!! Seriously? If there is one thing I really, really hate, it's the traffic jam because people are rubbernecking. Cops should ticket people. Or at least be on my side staring at people in that fierce way they have and waving people to drive faster.

Now I am at Deb's Daiquiri party. It has turned out to be a Daiquiri/Margarita party. Wish you were here SK, they have Patron!

Grace met me at the door "Why do you have all these bags?" I was almost too tired to explain that I needed something out of each bag....snacks for the party....souvenirs....laptop.....PJs. She looked confused.

"Oh, I'm sleeping here. I thought you knew."

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