Saturday, February 25, 2012

I'm Just Here To Whine

Frank and I are here in Virginia. We're staying in a ski resort in Basye, VA. It was a terrific deal on SkyAuction because of the lack of snow and the general state of the economy.

So why am I whining?

1. The fatigue - Their latest guess is I am short on some protein. Isn't it ironic? as the song goes. We test Monday.

2. This head cold. I coughed so hard, I retched. Yeah that's gross, but not as gross as some of the other stuff I've written here.

3. This trip has caused me to miss EPIIC, although to be honest I wouldn't have made all the panels.

4. The timing of the drive home means I will miss "Walking Dead" tomorrow night.

5. Most devastating of all and again this is more the fatigue than the trip....I am missing the Navy League's 23rd Annual Symposium at BU. It would have been my first war game!!! Plus, My Marine is there. They sent my all the reading materials and I was ready.

Although there is a bright side - I get to see all Frankie's relatives on his Dad's side.

1 comment:

Yer Marine said...

Missing the Symposium is small 'taters compared to missing Zombies.

Besides, if you were prepared for BU, what is the fun in that? "Inappropriate but prepared" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

It went well. I think the NL taped my presentation. So you might be able to see my brilliance. Or set it to funny music and post it to YouTube.