Monday, February 06, 2012

So, Something We Haven't Talked About In A While

My hair.

You know how in love with my hair I am. And how upset I was when it fell out. Everyone said "It will come back!" Yeah, it did and it looks like this. I am always trying to do something with it. So the other day I pinned up the back and now I look like this.


Yer Marine said...

Hey, don't knock the stern-but-hot sexually repressed school marm look.

Mixed with some Catholic guilt, and it is more fun than the rides at Canobie Lake Park!

Tom Goering said...

You had a mustache? :)

Anonymous said...

Mwahaha. Gene Shallt was the man...I am sure you look positively beautiful. If I knew you in person, I would love to put a finger in a ringlet and I would tell you how bea-u-ti-ful your new curls are!

Anonymous said...

I thought your hair looked fantabulous when you were here! -Andi