Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Mimi Alford Is Disgusting

I just accidentally flipped into the interview she is giving Meredith Vieria on TV.

And now I'm queasy.

Whatever her motive is, I don't care. But I'll tell you one thing, it isn't telling the truth.

You know, people are so quick to believe salacious stories about a man who can't defend himself because he's been dead for 48 years. It's sad. They don't even calm down and think about it logically. This Alford loser says it so it must be true? Really?

How about this? Jack Kennedy had so many medical conditions that I probably can't name them all here. But chief among them, he had Addison's, anemia, Celiac disease, a bad back, recurrent urinary tract infections and constant bouts of diarrhea.

Think about that for a minute. Historians believe that Kennedy was in terrible pain nearly every day. You really think he was doing every piece in sight? Please.

I know what you're thinking. "Plenty of people have charged JFK with infidelity, why are you so excited about this one?"

Well this particular assclown decided that it wasn't enough to jump on the bandwagon. Alford decided that she would also drag Dave Powers name through the mud as well.

Guess if you want the big bucks after all this time, you have to sink even lower than the pond scum that preceeded you.


Anonymous said...

I agree a hundred percent, theres no proof!

Anonymous said...

If I can try to be objective...she waited a long time to tell the story...and from the excerpts I have seen, they don't seem meant to slander. We do know that JFK was a womanizer. Why would you be angry at Alford and not JFK? We don't know she's lying and even at this late date, don't you think these things can still be corroborated? At least before publisher's go and spend the money to print ies...reputation and all that jazz.
Back then,cheating Presidents could easily hide. Now, not so much. I have known men in pain and none of them have ever turned down the chance at a good POA, sorry to say. It's quite the power trip, if you think about it.
Maybe the guilt was eating at her or maybe she did think to make some money. We'll find out if it's a lie, no doubt. Just playing devil's advocate...

BostonMaggie said...

It doesn't matter to me if it's true. It's just cowardly to wait for everyone to be dead and then tell this story.

Besides the fact that she has children and grandchildren. What sort of woman would expose them to this publicity? "Hey, Jimmy, I saw your grandmother on TV saying she gave a hummer to the President and his friend!"

The reason I am not mad at JFK is because he isn't the one on TV spewing stuff I don't need to know.

JihadGene said...

Deer Boston Magi,
My Dad is dead but befour he checked-out he told me he was doing "Jackie O" LOOONG time!!! She's dead too. Have a nice day!-KIM Jong UN, Supreme Leader of the LMDPRKAO

michie62 said...

I agree with you. Dave Powers was a standup guy and JFK didn't have enough time in a day to possibly have sex with all the women that people claim he did. This woman who wrote this book needs psychiatric care. And kudos to Barbara Walters for being good and hostile to her, Alford is a money-grubbing asshole.

SharenL said...

I am disgusted by this Alford woman and her book. I know that JFK was no saint, but he was the president and lost his life in the service of his country. At this late date, I don't care to hear any more about a man who can't defend himself against tawdry claims. And, as for her, a nineteen year old woman is not a child. No one put a gun to her head act this reprehensively. Shame on her and shame on her publisher!

Lorraine Dusky said...

Actually, there is a lot of credibility to Alford's story--she has been identified as the intern named in the papers at the Kennedy library as one of the many girls that JFK screwed about with.

The relationship was first published in the 2003 Kennedy biography An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917–1963 by Robert Dallek. It was previously confirmed in general terms by Kennedy press aide Barbara Gamarekian, identifying "Mimi" by name in her oral memoir transcribed by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in 1964, and unsealed in 2003.

She has every right to tell her story and not take it to the grave. Men for too long have been honorable in public but treat women like trash in private. It's time for this kind of secrecy to end and I for one am glad Alford is speaking out. It doesn't change my opinion of Kennedy one bit. So it goes.

BostonMaggie said...

Lorraine, As I said, I don't care if it's true, she's disgusting.

But for the record, Barbara Gamarekian was assuming and didn't have proof. I thought she sounded a little jealous not to be included in the inner circle. Could it have been true? Since she wasn't there, she couldn't know. Also, if indeed there was something going on, Gamarekian certain;y can't verify the details, can she?

Also, everyone else is conveniently dead.

As far as her right to tell this nasty story.....just cause you can, doesn't mean you should.

BostonMaggie said...


I agree!

Vincent said...

Boston Maggie, I found your blog by googling "Mimi Alford no proof". I'm surprised the media is giving Alford so many forums. Most journalists are undereducated idiots.

I'm a physician. From what I've read re: JFK's medical condition the President regularly received cortisone injections to relieve his near constant pain from back injuries and Addison's disease. Decreased libido can be a side effect from cortisone.

Whether or not that effected JFK we do know he had a busy schedule and very little free time. He may have had a steady girl or two on the side but he was too intelligent a man to be messing around with staff. Alford has nothing to back up her claims.

BostonMaggie said...

Thanks Vincent!

GBK said...

JFK's sexual appetite is well documented ('Reckless Youth' and other books by respected authors/biographers - and don't forget Peter Jennings' documentary 10 years ago with interviews of JFK's secret service agents). JFK followed in his father's footsteps. There is no reason to doubt this woman, or to spew venom at her. Keeping it a secret doesn't "cleanse" her reputation or JFK's - and his family knows the truth already. Her book is a fascinating account of someone we're still captivated by 50 years after his presidency - and, if nothing else, a glimpse of the hypocrisy and image-making that has dominated our political world for ... well, forever.

Anonymous said...

Re: "she has been identified as the intern named in the papers at the Kennedy library as one of the many girls that JFK screwed about with."

That's not true, but that story has been repeated ad nauseum in order to give Alford some credibility. Garamekian says that she only heard some rumors about a Mimi that she could not verify. That's hardly proof of anything.

Historian Robert Dallek took that oral history and wrote of a rumor of an affair with an intern. He didn't name Mimi.

From this, we're supposed to accept everything this woman says as the truth, no proof required. Check your brain at the door.

Nobody can verify the disgusting details of her account. Dallek looked pathetic talking to Meredith Viera about some troubled old woman's tabloid trash. Silly me, I thought history was supposed to be based on facts.

Anonymous said...

The "JFK is a womanizer" thing started back in 1959 or earlier when it was considered an insult. as our society started to view male infidelity differently it was taken as compliment by his supporters. and about five people in Dealey Plaza didnt react to the shooting. I watch the zapbruder film and smoke a joint with my coffee every morning

Anonymous said...

Just finished the book (loaner). Having heard many wonderful stories about Dave Powers, I feel pretty sad and bad for the Powers family, because I assume its fiction. I couldnt image that Dave Powers would ever, ever let this happen. BTW the book realy sucked! No pun intended.

Anonymous said...

Bostonmaggie - you should care - and here's some ammunition:

denfendUSA says that she knows that 'Jfk was a womanizer' how does she know? and who is she basing her facts on? Daldek who is thoroughly discredited? read the above link! he's a piece of slime but you and many others oh so sadly choose to fall for one of these feathers in the pillowcase (look up that classic if you haven't heard it).

JFK was virtuous and honorable - his calumniators throw mud on him and all decent Americans and his murderers not only crowned him with thorns but thrust a dagger in America's heart - and she's been bleeding ever since. Let's remember him as he really was. He was a great, honorable, and beautiful man.

Anonymous said...

A revolting book. I have no respect for this woman whether she's telling the truth or not.

Anonymous said...

Mimi has never grown up. Sad for everyone in her family and why she would want to even see this disgusting thing in print could only be for $$$$.

Anonymous said...

This woman has a LOT of credibility. There are many independent sources that verify the veracity of the facts. The salacious details - those she reveals but the facts of her presence, her access, the trips - well ask your self does it make sense? It does. Yes Kennedy had pain and afflictions - and he received therapy for these on an ongoing basis - he was no cripple - he could preform - and apparently not only for the public and for his Wife in private but he was motivated and pre-disposed to conduct an active sexual life outside of his marriage. David Powers - he was Kennedy's aid, but he was his secret keeper from 1946 past the assassination to his death and for fifteen years beyond his death - until his family put some of the secrets on the auction block. No Mimi Alfrod' s revelations make sense - particularly after the fact of them was revealed by a third party. Others have come forward saying her acccess to the president was unprecidented - but only while his Wife was out of the house. He was driven as many powerful men are by testosterone and power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Every generation thinks they invented Sex. Turns out Kennedy was pretty good at it.

BostonMaggie said...

Mimi Alford has no credibility or she would have proved it with something. What she has are rumors and innuendo.

Dave Powers was a Townie. We are by nature "secret keepers". It's a good thing. I notice this lowlife waited until everyone involved was dead. That way no one refutes her.

But never mind that, even if it were a gospel, WHY? She has a family and grandchildren. Would you want to hear about your grandmother whoring around? She is disgusting no matter the facts.