Monday, November 21, 2011

UC Davis

I am quick to point out when the #Occupy people do something wrong or stupid. So let me be clear on the other side.

The actions of the campus police at UC Davis in this video are WRONG.

What they did was inexcusable. The baloney about commissions and investigations offered by Chancellor Katehi is complete nonsense.

The police and police-like entities have pepper spray for their defense. This was not how it was used in this instance.

The Chancellor should be removed, nevermind all this malarkey of asking for her resignation. The head of campus police and those officers who used the pepper spray should also be gone immediately.

Peaceful protest is indeed to be protected and this was clearly that. It doesn't matter what happened before the clip began, in the moment, the campus police are in no danger. Any talk of what happened before the clip begins, or happened earlier in the day or the day before doesn't matter. What matters is the fact that in a moment that the protesters were sitting on the ground, arms linked, they were not in an offensive posture.

We have seen time and again, professional police departments....for example Boston....keep their cool under far more pressure. US Davis campus police clearly have a problem.


Yer Marine. said...

Ahh, they had it comin'.

Seriously, it will be interesting to juxtapose the alleged overreach of Law Enforcement of the UC Davis rent-a-cops and how much media attention it draws, versus the overreach of Ruby Ridge and Waco. In the latter two, real bullets and real weapons killed people who had not committed any crimes, either.

Warrant Diver said...

I don't know Maggie...were they ordered to disperse, and refused? Isn't this why people have DEMANDED the police have non-lethal alternatives to bullets and nightsticks? If these protestors were breaking the law, then I fully support the police in this case. We are a country of laws, and when people don't follow laws and police don't enforce laws, you have the kind of anarchy that California has turned into.

BostonMaggie said...

My Marine is enjoying his comment too much.

WD - The purpose of the police is to enforce laws, but it's also to keep the peace and protect citizens. My uderstanding is that the Chancellor gave the order to dismantle the tents. That happened. All the students came to see. Those few sat down & linked arms. I think they fully expected to be arrested.

The campur police say they fealt outnumbered and surrounded. Instead of calling for backup or someone in authority to negotiate with the protestors. Instead the police , in my opinion, escalated to force before it was warrented.

I would never want a police officer hurt at these events. But neither do I want police cracking heads unless they are defending themselves or another civilian.

Yer Marine said...

You know what I think of rent-a-cops!