Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Need Someone To Yell At Me....

....and get my ass in gear.

Jen's 1st birthday party is tonight. Today is her actual birthday (Happy Birthday, Jen) and we are having a Girl's Night/Bruins party tonight at Grace's house. Tomorrow is a family party. It will be a joint Tommy/Jennifer birthday since their birthdays are close.

Last night I made cupcakes and brownies (with and without nuts) and prepped some appetizers.

Today I have to finish and go to Grace's to setup stuff with Debbie. I have to pop over to Lyndells in Ball Square for almond discs, Jen's favorite cookie.

But I am emailing and commenting and blogging.


Yer Marine said...

You need someone to yell at you? Are you kidding? Talk about a batting-practice fastball right down the middle!

But, crushing Stu like a bug was fairly amusing, wannit?

Tom Goering said...

Happy Birthday, Jen!