Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Irony Is Killing Me!

Well, for once, #OccupyBoston is providing me with entertainment. Right now, November 19, 2011 they are running a live transcipt of their #GA (General Assembly) meeting.

The current discussion is about replacing worn, deteriorated tarps.

You can read it yourself here

They have or want an "Aesthetics Task Force". They are arguing the attractiveness of blue vs brown tarps.

Don't they hear themselves????

They have appropriated this lovely park - which is named for a Naval hero - and trashed it. They've turned it into their own little slice of the Third World complete with Smell-O-Rama.

But they are worried about the fact that the thicker, warmer brown tarps might be bad. You see, as CQ points out "Are you aware that brown was the unfortunate color of the fascist movement?"

Seriously? If you are worried about the "aesthetics" of Dewey Square - THEN GET OUT & TAKE YOUR SHIT WITH YOU!

Or leave it, I don't care, we'll clean it up, just get out.

Seeing what the have done in Dewey Square upsets me as a Bostonian and as a fan of naval history. Dewey Square was planned and commemorated in honor of Admiral of the Navy, George Dewey, USN.

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Anonymous said...

The Occupy DC crowd has done the same to McPherson Square, named for General James B. McPherson who died in the Battle of Atlanta. The place is disgusting. The rabble often places signs up on the fence surrounding the memorial. 99% they say? Yes 99% of them have no clue who McPherson or Dewey were and what they did for the country.