Friday, September 16, 2011

War of 1812 & Other Historical Stuff This Weekend

So, I've cut it close and everything has to go just right tomorrow.........

When has that ever happened to me????

Anyway, I am picking up a car at 10am.

At noon I am catching the ferry to George's Island, I already have a ticket.

At 1:45 pm the Massachusetts Historical Society is hosting "The Trent Affair". It's about the Civil War and that's my weakest subject, as I often moan to The Armorer.

I am catching the 3:30 pm ferry back. That's means I have to grab that car and dash out to Northampton for a preview showing of PBS's "War of 1812" movie.

I'm psyched! I'm going to go to bed now because I walked allllll over Boston today.

TSO will be happy to know I hit the "Roxy's Grilled Cheese" food truck. It was outside the Boston Public Library at Copley. He was giving me a hard time about now I've been.

Actually I got to the library at around 2pm, got a library card (haven't had one since I was in high school), printed out some stuff I needed and was at the food truck by 2:40pm. I told the guy who took m order that TSO had given me a wicked hard time about not having tried it until now. He nodded sagely & said TSO was right. I took my stuff, I got "The Rookie" & some fries, over to the grass in front of Trinity church. It was delish! Fries were good, sandwich was yum! After eating I walked around the Farmer's Market they do there and got a pie to bring home. I'll tell you about that later, I'm too full to eat pie on my way to bed.

Anyway, Jen called me at 5 pm to ask if I was out of the library yet....I told her yes, I wasn't homeless.

So....early to bed and hopefully early to rise.

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