Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Well! That Hasn't Happened In A Bit.

I just slept 14 hours...through breakfast.....through lunch plans.....through wandering around Annapolis.

Just this past spring that was an every day occurrence.

Then every other day.

Then just a few times a week.

You get the drift. But I think it's been two weeks since that happened. Mind you, I'm not saying the rest of the time I'm getting along with 6 or 8 hours, lol.

Anyway, I am still at Mary's house. which is awesome by the way. It's this mix of Mary and her parents and family. My house was a little like this, but Mary's is pulled together like a designer did it. But like mine, you know most of these object have a story attached. I don't need to know the stories - although I do know some - to be comfortable and comforted.

So now, I am packed and can leave at my leisure, it's time to blog about yesterday and revise plans and see if I can't move lunch to dinner.

I'll be back here in less than two weeks for The Ripley Race - don't even by silly enough to ask if I am running. I'd be thrilled if you came - to run or cheer on the runners - and donated.

I'll be posing for pics and autographing body parts! How can you resist?

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