Sunday, October 16, 2011

My Problem With #OccupyMath

I've got lots of problems with #Occupy & #OccupyBoston. I've written, tweeted & FB'd about it before. But my biggest problem is with their audacity to say they speak for me.

I am not super rich, so I am not the 1%.

Therefore, I am in the other 99%. #Occupy says they represent the 99%. That's pretty damn ballsy.

Hey #Occupy, you speak for yourself and your supporters. Fini.

Your mindless whining and complaining should be no reflection on me.

Also, My Marine was MIA for the season premiere of I am pouting.


Yer Marine said...

MIA = not on facebook during the show. Because I was watching the show.

What good would I do being almost 150 miles away anyway? If you get eaten, you get eaten.

And just as the zombie starts munching, you can think back and say "Damn! And my Marine tried to teach me how to shoot, too! Wish I would have paid attention!"

Tom Goering said...

You are right, there problem is with the math - should be MAYBE 9.1%, the current administration's unemployment rate. Or even, 0.000099% - the number of people that show up in support to their events, either way, the decimal is in the wrong place.

The news media needs to move on. Nothing there to see.

BostonMaggie said...

My Marine - All I need is a screwdriver.

Tom 9.1%- Excellent point!

Yer Marine said...

A screwdriver? Vodka and orange juice will NOT stop zombies.